Bitcoin to GBP prices - 21st November 2013

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Today saw Bitcoin prices recover well, stopping only £50 short of the previous week’s high point.

Many commentators were most likely not surprised when the price of Bitcoins started to tumble back after reaching the incredible high of over £500.

What I expect may have surprised some people is how quickly the prices then bounced back.

Click to view the full size chart.

The latest prices has hovered around the £450 mark, having yesterday fallen as low as £300.

Bitcoin Popularity Surges

According to Google Trends the amount of people searching for Bitcoins is at an all time high, rising sharply since November 17th.

The following chart shows the amount of web searches for the term ‘Bitcoin’ over the last 30 days:

This chart shows the popularity of ‘Bitcoin’ searches over the last 12 months, in which we can see this is now the highest ever spike in popularity: is a Bitcoin to GBP price tool.

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