Bitcoin to GBP price 28th November 2013

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Today the price of Bitcoin continued to march upwards, breaking the £700 mark for the first time.

Click here to view the full size chart – MtGox BTC to GBP

Prices today reached a high of £750 on MtGox, and prices are currently as high as £826 on LocalBitcoins.

Local Bitcoins - BTC to GBP Price

Some sales today have even been as high as £900. At this rate we might see prices push as high as £1000 in the next few days.

Media coverage has continued to be very strong, with searches for Bitcoin at an all time high.

At the current rate of price increase it is possible we will start to soon see prices as high as £1000 by as early as this weekend.

The price could easily of course dip down, but seems to have recovered since the slight drop earlier this week.

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