On Coinbase you can buy and sell bitcoins (BTC), Etherium and Litecoin using your UK based bank account or debt/credit card.

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Current Coinbase GBP price:

  • £14012.54

It takes about 5-10 minutes to get set up and verified (you will need your passport), and then you can add a payment method.

If you want to start buying bitcoins straight away then a debit/credit card is best option, as a bank account will take at least a day or two to get verified.

It is still worth adding your bank account, as you can withdraw money to this account if you decide to sell your coins.

Coinbase FAQs

You have Coinbase questions, we have the answers.

Can I buy bitcoins on Coinbase using a UK bank account?

Yes, once your Coinbase account is verified you can buy bitcoins with any UK bank account. To get the bank account verified as a payment method you will need to make a small payment to Coinbase, which could take 1-2 business days to process. Some people chose to purchase coins using a debit/credit during the verification period as this does not require verification.

Can I bitcoins on Coinbase using a debit/credit card/MasterCard/Visa?

Yes, once you are verified you can buy bitcoins on Coinbase instantly with a credit or debit card. There is a small fee for buying with a debit or credit card, but you get the convenience of instant purchases.

Can I buy bitcoins on Coinbase using PayPal?

No, Coinbase do no accept PayPal as a payment method at present.

Can I buy bitcoins on Coinbase using Pounds Sterling (GBP)?

Yes, you can buy directly on Coinbase with Pounds Sterling/GBP from your UK bank account or debit/credit card.

The payment will be converted into Euros by Coinbase, but you can set GBP as your primary currency preference to display in the account.

Is Coinbase a scam?

No, Coinbase is not a scam. Coinbase is one of, if not the biggest and most reputable place to buy, sell and store bitcoins in the world.