This page displays the latest Bitcoin to USD prices pulled from the LocalBitcoins ticker.

Latest BTC to USD Price – LocalBitcoins:

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Bitcoin Price in USD

A large percentage of Bitcoin sales are made using the US dollar.

The price shown above is the average price Bitcoins are currently being sold at in USD.

This does not mean it will be exact price you pay if you purchase Bitcoins, as there is no set price for Bitcoins.

However you can use this figure as a guide price to what the average sale of Bitcoins is currently on LocalBitcoins, one of the world’s most popular Bitcoin exchanges.


We also have live prices for BTC to GBP (British Pounds Sterling).


  • Disclaimer: The price of Bitcoins can vary from sale to sale and from exchange to exchange. Always check the details before making any purchase. This website should not be considered financial advice.